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Athletic Facility Assessment & Design Meetings
Athletic Facility/Site Assessment Report
There are three basic phases to the development of a new athletic facility, depending on the amount of involvement of the client.  First is creating a concept and knowledge of what the completed project should look like and how it should function.  Then bring this information to an architectual designer.  Second is to go through the design process with the architectural designer and engineers until the desired facility is conceived on paper within the budget constraints.  Third is to hire the contractor and progress through the construction phase and build the project to completion at your satsifaction.  


Visiting the potential site for a new athletic facility or the existing facility being renovated provides vital information when planning.  During a 3 day assessment I can take the time to walk the grounds, speak with the Athletic Director and track coaches about the facility and goals of the athletic facility and program.

When completed, you will have a document in your hands with images and information that you can take to the design table and ask the pertinent questions necessary to build an exceptional athletic facility.




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The Assesment Report is one tool to use during the design planning, but there are still lots of questions and details to be discussed when planning.

Continue the planning process by having me on site for a minimum of three (3) design meetings and help clarify details when incorporating the scoreboards, timing system, field events, electrical and data connecions.


There is also the option to utilize my knowledge and experience during the design planning process if that is a better option for the budget.


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This is a service I have provided for years while working for Lynx System Developers, but many customers still ask for a site visit to clarify details.  You can choose an option to have me review drawings during the design planning, during construction as the contractor and sub-contractor have questions or concerns.  This is all handled on an hourly fee basis.

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Take the project from start to finish and make sure that everyone has the same finished concept in mind.  The first two (2) packages continue until the completion of the project and require a minimum of three (3) site visits during construction or as needed.

During construction there are always questions about field event equipment, placement, electrical and data and site visits can clear up these items and allow the ability to better discuss any options that may be necessary.  At the completion of the project a final site visit to review components before the project is signed over.


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Drawing Review and Consult
Athletic Facility Assessment; Design Meetings & Construction Meetings
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