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Five Steps to Successful Architect-Client Kick-Off

Athletic Business


When an architect and a client sit down for the first time to discuss a project that likely will consume the majority of their waking hours for many months, it’s important for that kick-off meeting to accomplish specific tasks. For the client, this means already knowing the answers to critical questions about budgets and timelines.

You would be shocked by how many clients haven’t made some basic decisions by the time the design process begins with a team of architects. A client doesn’t need to know all the answers — otherwise, why bother hiring an architect, right? — but the more you know about the journey on which you’re embarking, the better. And if you’re stuck, that kick-off meeting can help determine what you’re missing. That way, in the end, everybody’s job is easier.

Here are five determinations to make internally before the first meeting with your architect:

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