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Having been involved in event management for many years, when I attend a sport competition to work or as a spectator I always observe my surroundings.  It is important for me to look at the safety, logistics of moving people, display of information and the functionality of the competition/event facility.  

Not all athletic facilities are the same.  It is important that all parties involved ask the right questions when making a master plan for a new athletic facility. Technology of the sport has changed and a facility needs to be able to adapt as things change, as best possible.


Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Developing a Facility Master Plan

  • Assessment of Facility

  • Conceptual Drawings

  • Track Facility Spatial Requirements 

  • Future growth, 5 yr, 10 yr, 15.....

Design components are not only important to the aesthetic qualities, but also the functionality of the athletic facility.


Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Track Striping and Event Lines

  • Quality Control & Certification

  • In-ground Equipment and Speical Materials (sand, rock, dust)

  • Technical Specifications for Synthetic Surface

  • Electrical and Data Infrastructure

There are a lot of moving parts at an athletic competition and it is not easy to manage these successfully if not planning ahead.


Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Athletes ( warm up and competition)

  • Spectator areas and flow

  • Transportation access

  • Medical access

  • Service provider access

  • Media (print and TV)

  • Information flow (print and digital)

  • Staff acess and facilities

  • Concessions and food services

  • Equipment

Preliminary Planning
Design Components

Gone away is the age old method of hand timing and with the adoption of new technology athletic facilities require an advanced infrastructure.

Computers, scoreboards, cameras, and cabling inundates the athletic fields today and there needs to be a safe and secure way to manage this new technology.  Service providers are being hired to time competitions and they arrive with trucks and trailers loaded with electronics and cabling.


Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Conduit for electical and data

  • Data and electrical requirements

  • Data and electrical locations

  • Scoreboard connections

  • Press Box and field connectivity

  • Connectivity within Press Box


Meet Management starts well before the competition day and doesn't end until a short period after the competition completes.


Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Athlete warm-up areas

  • Clerking

  • Weights and measures

  • Coaching access to competitors

  • Staff facilities

  • Equipment setup

  • Timing service providers

  • Media

A 400 meter oval and the field events specific to the level of competition or state are not the only things to consider in an athletic stadium.

​Let my experience and knowledge help your team with:


  • Running, Jumping and Throwing events

  • Finish line lighting

  • Press Box (track timing, operations, announcer, media)

  • Clerking and Warm-up areas

  • Storage (seasonal)

  • Access (fences, gates, staging, vehicle access)

  • safety


Stadium Components
Meet Management
Facility Infrastructure
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